Valentine projects

This is a great gift idea for teachers! Just cut the center out of the plate and then let the kids glue on the picks in various places. Tutorial: mommygaga Just create the hearts with little messages of love on the backs and they look great displayed in a vase or mason jar atop lollipop sticks or straws.

This lovebug lollipop is a perfect little Valentine gift for children to give to classmates or friends on Valentine's Day.

valentine crafts for senior citizens

Grab some construction paper and let your kids get busy on these mosaic hearts. Tutorial: momendeavors 2. This pretty lovebird craft is great for Valentine's Day. Let kids create their little puppy faces. You could do this in any number of styles, but I am really loving the owl.

Tutorial: messforless 4.

valentines day crafts for toddlers

This is a great project for younger children. There is some painting involved, so this is best done with adult supervision. You Da Bomb Candy Valentine Okay, so this may be my favorite project on the list…and it will probably be yours, too. Try it as a class or group project and fill your classroom with gorgeous lovebirds!

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40 Easy Valentine's Day Crafts