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The Christian call to servant leadership was clearly articulated by Jesus in his rebuke of the disciples on the road to Jerusalem. Within a few minutes, one could feel heat on the injury and hear his calm voice ask if there was a difference, most often noting a successful treatment.

Braceros are non permanent workers from Mexico that are recruited by the grower sectors. His movement included farmworkers of many backgrounds. In fact, Ive seen a great deal of Hispanics go directly to the extreme of tattooing the crucifix or the Virgin Mary on the bodies to show their religious beliefs to the general public.

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They needed over three hundred years, but they did it. Any topic that caught his attention he would read and learn about it. Kennedy expressed his support for the striking workers.

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During most of his speeches and hits, Cesar frequently made personal references to the teachings of the Catholic Chapel. Cesar had a serene seriousness bolstered by a quick sense of humor.

Obviously, we bitterly resented not having the ability to speak Spanish, nonetheless they insisted that people were required to learn English.

At about this same time, we started to run into the California Migrant Ministry in the camps and field. He became someone who developed many complex characteristics that made him hard to label.

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The Spiritual Praxis of César Chávez