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This means that if the employee in not allowed to use the internet, for personal use, than there is a possibility that they could get charged for such crime. A hacker is a person who takes pleasure in understanding the internal workings of a systems.

However finally the management took the right psychological decision by stopping the company operations.

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In reality, nobody really fits into either camp neatly. A hacker is a person who has extensive computer knowledge and enjoys tackling technical issues Critical Management Studies 3.

To achieve that level it is important to develop responsible character traits which are called virtues. Experts from a particular field usually and logically should behave professionally or show their expertise to the civilian.

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In addition, hacking has few other forms which are less known and talked about. However the scandal did not just end there by closing the company, it got deepened as the investigations got intensive. Later, when the web site responds to you, the malicious script is transferred to your browser. It is a remarkable percentage that when dwelled on, can be truly alarming. They steal your information and sell it to the highest bidder, not thinking about what it would do to the person or company that they hacked. Some companies are too fearful to join networks because of this. Conclusion 6. However, the management did take the right step by announcing the NotW closed which created a caring image in the community, and saved the holding News Corp. Looking at the NotW, we can confirm that, the company not only ignored the prevailing norms of the industry but also shook the fundaments of the ethical expectations from a news agency. Conclusion and recommendations15 Bibliography16 Introduction The scandal analyzed within this report is one of the most discussed and complicated scandals the news world has ever faced. Body: I. Javascript is basically a computer language used when programming internet web pages.

After years, what changed?. In fact, one can see that some values are shared with higher acceptance late than others.

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Hacking has evolved over time, with many modern hackers following their own set of values that they believe are, arguably positive motives But, over the time we are also observing explosive growth in the darker side of the IT - regarding hacking and cyber crimes Kevin is known as "the most high-profiled computer criminal and responsible for more havoc in the computer world today. He got caught and thrown into prison, but once he got out nothing changed Hacking on large scale can affect massive website damage, a long lasting inconvenience computer hacking is largely common between teenagers and young adult This human susceptibility of being easily mislead, is clearly apparent when dealing with the issue of "Hacking", and "Hacking In the Business Society" Hackers, however, are very thorough in keeping abreast of all the possible vulnerabilities in all operating systems. The aim is to disable the service. In Phone Hacking Scandal both the government and the management had to determine specific virtues and play the role of Virtue Ethics Agent. Even government agencies have suffered this intrusion from a hacker that has put at risk the safety of its citizens Many of the hackers then saw the technology as a way to demonstrate their independence and aims to share this to the public and they used the computer to achieve this. Worms are the viruses that send copies over network connections. Luke Buckmaster and Amber Jamieson.

Based on virtue ethics, to determine whether an action is morally acceptable, the action must be chosen responsibly making the virtue equal to responsibility.

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