Microbiology 150 lab 3 selective vs differential

Scientific writing is written differently from other types of writing.

Selective and differential media difference

Perform the experiment, taking photographs and collecting data 6. The Gram stain is a type of differential stain that allows a micro biologist to Enrich media to grow fastidious organism. I would like for you to read over the different types of selective media and then answer the following questions. Selective media contains one or more components that suppress the growth of some microbes without affecting the growth of others. Reading the Gram stain results under microscopic examination : Gram-positive organisms will appear dark violet or purple. I see wounds and become fascinated in how they happened and what can be done to treat them the most effective way. Long-case PBL laboratory design. A negative result consists of a single upper pink control line only. Counterstain with safranin for 30 seconds or with carbol-fuchsin for seconds. Clean, new glass slides should be used. Methods for confirmatory identification of N.

Cultivation of Bacteria Protocols for use of cultivation of bacteria, use of general growth, enriched, selective and differential media, plate pouring, determination of temperature range for growth and determination of salt tolerance capacity of bacteria. Why is MacConkey agar selective as well as differential?

Differences in the composition of the peptidoglycan cell wall can be revealed by the Gram staining technique, a cornerstone of bacterial identification and taxonomic division We will write a custom essay on Unknown Lab Report Microbiology plate, and differential media such as mannitol salt and Eosin methylene blue EMB were used for MSA has been used for many years as a selective, differential medium for the isolation of S.

differential media microbiology examples

Email Abstract Microbial physiology is a basic course taught throughout biomedical science disciplines. W 10 am am. For example, Gram-negative bacteria are more resistant to certain antibiotics than Gram-positive bacteria due to their largely impermeable outer membrane 8.

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Enrichment media vs selective media

This lab report is worth points towards your final lab grade. Bacteria and other microorganisms grow in specially prepared Petri plates containing nutrient rich media. Divide a glass slide into two sections using a marker. Some examples of selective media include: Non-selective versus selective media. Selective vs. These special purpose media fall into four groups: selective media, differential media, enrichment media, and combination selective and differential media. Differential Media Words 12 Pages.

Reading QC testing results Passing result: proper growth of the reference strain on appropriate media and no growth on uninoculated media. The format can be altered depending on scheduling needs.

Those include the aseptic method, cultivation of bacteria, quantification of bacteria in culture, isolation of pure culture, morphological observation by light microscopy, Gram staining, the use of selective and differential media, and the effectiveness of a variety of antimicrobials and antibiotics.

why is macconkey agar selective as well as differential
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How to Write a Lab Report in Microbiology