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They're still childish and are obviously not quite grown up yet. A tribute to my Alma Mater. Will their classrooms be bigger? I know the work is going to be tougher than high school where you could coast through. I think high school will prepare me for my future and whatever it may bring. I expect college to be a little bit more diverse and I would love to expand my social circle while discovering different personalities. It is the time when you make the best and worst choices in life.

Finally for one year I get to be the big kid and then after all of the wonderful things that have happened this year it is all taken away. Our bodies are going through a series of changes.

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They are a tad bit prideful, though, unwilling to make mistakes because they don't want to seem childish… elementary… ish. My mind sometimes will wander off which costs me to lose focus on whatever I am doing, therefore I hope I can stay focus so that I will not have to pull so many all-nighters later.

High school experience essay

They learn to be patient with God. Their experience as a high school student would always leave an irreplaceable dent in their hearts. Coming into high I thought it was At the high school age teenagers experiments different changes in their minds, bodies. Through that, they learn to hope. The capacity of work Sporting events were the highlights of the high school life. My opinion is that each child is ready to read at a different age and then once you know this, providing the correct atmosphere is cruical to development. It's about a group of high school kids who thought they were just going out like any other Friday night and of course didn't think that anything bad could happen to them.

Therefore, freshmen expect that they will have to apply efforts to be successful in their social adventures in their new setting. I would try to do something other than reading.

Thirdly, my next expectation would be to meet new people and to make new riends.

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No matter where I go after high school I hope I am happy and doing something I love.

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Bayside High School Freshman Expectations Essay