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These memories are skewed because of his inability to escape from his feelings of entrapment and the abandonment from his sister. This realization prompts Amanda to deal with her distress in the only way she knows how, which is to take it out on Tom which causes Tom to leave. Laura is trapped inside her house, because of her self-consciousness. Thus, the book can be recommended for readers that want to be entertained as they read much about the American society during the 20th century. The play happens inside the parlor and dining room of the loft. Laura stays home all day to tend to her glass figures, but in reality her hobby provides her with an excuse to avoid real-world adult commitments, such as typing school and dating, that her mother tries to force on her. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. The author uses symbolism in order to add more depth to the play. Two plays where it is shown in significance are Machinal and The Glass Menagerie. Unlike her children Amanda is in a state of illusion but convinced that she is not, this makes her flawed and responsible for the tragedy that befell them even though she didn't realize it The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams Analysis of Major Characters. After perfecting his play for many years, The Glass Menagerie was first introduced to Broadway on March 31, Truth does not always bring happiness, in fact few people really like to hear truth. In The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, the main characters are torn between fulfilling their desires and aligning with their role in society. Unlike Tom who changes of his own free will, Amanda is jerked out of her world and thrown into reality.

She is seeing now what she could have if she would only come out of her shell, if she would come out of her world of glass, if she would come into reality.

The first Tom is the narrator, who introduces his second self, the character. As a young writer, Williams lived vicariously through his plays.

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A unicorn without a horn is nothing more than a mundane horse. The Glass Menagerie takes place at the apartment of the Wingfield family in the s.

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In his conversation with the mother, Tom expresses his displeasure with the five-dollar salary and claims that he can abandon the family just like the father did. Instead, she uses most of her time taking care of her "glass menagerie," a collection of fragile little glass animals. Laura now has an understanding of the way the world works: People do not always say what they mean, and men have a startling capacity to hurt her. Contact with Jim has stripped her of some of her childlike innocence, leaving her slightly more ordinary and damaged, like her unicorn. When he comes back to their apartment it is seen that sometime between when he was last seen and now he has undergone another transition. Amanda tells her children about the many suitors she had when she was the age of her daughter, Laura. His sister Laura is a shy girl with a limp as a result of pleurosis attack as a teenager, who needs to be constantly taken care of as her glass figurines. They could not easily differentiate between what was truth and what was fiction W. Laura uses those figurines to escape her reality. When Jim, a representative of the outside world, visits for dinner, he remarks on the big, ungainly shadow he casts across the living room, begins a clumsy dance with Laura, knocks over the unicorn, and breaks its horn. By contact with the world, the unicorn has lost some of its distinctiveness and purity. She exists in a world of glass, pretty and flawless. You look so pretty when your hair is combed! It is a factor that transcends real life. Within the play, many parallels can be drawn between the life of Williams and the life of Tom, the main character, such as a disdain for factory work.

Like the unicorn, Laura initially radiates uniqueness and innocence. Tom, the main character, struggles to deal with his family, who is apparently holding him back in life.

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Through of the Wingfield family, he uses many symbols which represent many things, but the important main symbolization is fire escape that shows three main characters; Tom Wingfield, his fire escape is the way out of Amanda and Laura. Yet Tom tries to cope with it and even obeys his mother in some of the things she asks him to do. Amanda claims that failure to get married prepares women for lowliness and forces them to live sorrow lives. Laura remembers Jim and tells her mother that he is the only person that she has had love for in her life. There are some very noticeable symbols that can be analyzed when studying "The Glass Menagerie. Laura does go through a transition, she is shown a glimpse of what she could and can have, but almost as quickly as it came it left leaving her to reside with her glass. Although Tom is an aspiring poet, he works in a shoe warehouse to support his mother Amanda and sister, Laura. He bears the heavy responsibility of supporting his family, but also struggles against the boredom and stress of his everyday life.

After they talk for a while Jim and Laura start dancing, this is where Laura starts to loosen up, she allows herself to be carried by Jim's moves, and she is coming out of the fake world she created for herself Kirszner and Mandell But now, now he is making his dream a reality, for when Amanda played down the last straw, accusing him of being selfish when he was only doing what she asked him to do in the first place, so plain and clear, now he decides to put it all behind him.

When Jim, a representative of the outside world, visits for dinner, he remarks on the big, ungainly shadow he casts across the living room, begins a clumsy dance with Laura, knocks over the unicorn, and breaks its horn. Abandoned by her husband, Amanda cannot remove herself from her youth when she was visited by many gentleman callers.

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In other countries much more is going on such as the Holocaust. Yet Tom tries to cope with it and even obeys his mother in some of the things she asks him to do.

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When he does this he is asking her to forgive him so that he can finally be set free from his memory, for there is no escape there is only, freedom which must be given by forgiveness.

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