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The most commonly cited objectives of the impact of electronic commerce on business are: 1. Computers in Industry, 49, Under the old economic system, the state-owned enterprises SEEs were assigned in the important role for the economic development.

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It was no less than a latest iPhone that has various usages but is also a societal classification quotient. How has Fin Tech evolved till now? Here the role of IT services companies can be recognized, because they can help businesses to set up websites and necessary e-Commerce facilities.

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Majority of the customers live in rural areas do not sufficient knowledge about computer and internet. Myanmar society is basically traditional and conservative, but Myanmar people are able to imitate and copy well new habits and styles.

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The e-payment is also being developed and ready to use. It is defined as the conduct of a financial transaction by electronic means. E-commerce is a way of conducting business over the Internet. There has been and continues to be much publicityand discussion about e-commerce. Faced with budgetary constraints, SMEs consider the additional costs of ICT spending as a big investment without immediate returns. Among others, the important factors are network infrastructure, including narrow and broadband, and on costs of Internet access. The strategies for the adoption and effective implementation should be formulated and implemented so that the development will be in the right direction and effective.

Information transparency in price, cost and terms and conditions of contract can benefit both parties, despite a belief that transparency can cause some disadvantages in the competition Zhu, The internal barriers are poor internal communications infrastructure within SME firms, lack of ICT awareness and knowledge as well as inadequacy of ICT-capable and literate managers and workers, insufficient financial resources, and the perceived lack of relevance or value-added of ICTs to their business Wikibooks, Already it affects such large sectors as communications, service, finance, retail trade and holds promises in areas such as education, health, transport and government.

Peffers and Tang resolved this issue by ranking both journals in the fifth position skipping the rank of the sixth position. E-commerce is usually associated with buying and selling over the Internet or conducting any transaction involving the transfer of ownership or rights to use goods or services through a computer-mediated network.

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