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Some Australian marsupials have evolved to utilise torpor as an effective survival strategy by reducing water loss and energy expenditure in the harsh arid zones in Australia where food and water are often in short supply Geiser, They went and a storm appeared, so they went into a cave to stay safe.

Who will win the tournament? When he gets in, he notices a big man in a dark suit. What about the Super Bowl?

He went up for a catch at the end of the game and got injured in his knee. Considering his brother is a professional football player. Did he catch it? What happened next? His team won regions and made it to the finals in Flordia. In a game against the Baltimore Ravens, Thane is hurt in the final seconds of the game. It had some great football terms lastly I recommend this book to people who like suspense. Ty meets Troy and Tate in Miami at the football tournament. This book had you on your heels a lot. Who will win the tournament? Background Consumption energy since the s has been in a progressive upsurge in the world. A natural sense of competiveness develops between the boys. The world of football is one big family to some people, and author Tim Green highlights that fact in his new book.

Unfortunately, both boys have some connection with the mob. At the beginning of the story, they are at a football game, when Thane is going up for a touchdown pass to win the game. They think all trouble with the mobsters has ended, but really, it has just begun.

Character Analysis I am comparing Ty and Troy. Besides football, Troy and Ty have big-time connections to the Super Bowl teams in town for the ultimate game of the season.

Deep zone book report

Ty looked at him with those mobsters and thought he was going to kill him. Characters: There are many characters in this book. Considering his brother is a professional football player. He automatically thinks it is someone from the mob trying to hurt him to get to his uncle.

Agent Slutherland is an undercover cop, so when Ty first saw him, he thought he was a mobster. He started running back to the party, but someone grabbed him. It had some great football terms lastly I recommend this book to people who like suspense. The series is a winner, and Deep Zone is one of the star players. One night, Tate and Troy were going to a party, so Ty begged Thane to let him go. Another character is Benny the Blade. Before the championship game of the tournament Ty was at party when he got snatch from Benny the Blade. They won most of their games and got to go to Miami to play their playoff games. Recommended by an 8th grader Posted by. In Under the Sea-Wind tells the story of animal behavior through descriptive and poet writing. Then the unexpected happens the night before. It was the people from the mob, and they brought the three of them back to the swamp house. Troy told him his name and they figured out they were cousins.
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DEEP ZONE by Tim Green