Business research factors that affect the

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McMahon, the financial expert, said that the growth of small sized and medium sized industries depended on financial performance development which consisted of the rate of sales growth, profit margins, gross sales, liquidity as well as organizational size Rujithamrongkul, In order for you rule a marker segment, you need to gain a thorough understanding of where they look, how they prefer to be approached etc. The construction of the measurement instrument or questionnaire used a 5-Point Likert Scale. According to the data collected Charoenloet, it was found that there have been 2, garment factories existing in all sectors while employing , people. Furthermore, we have been able to make A, B and C decisions with a higher degree of certainty and clarity. Promote the library internally. The governmental sector has provided support to the private sector in the form of bargaining on international trade agreements Watchravesringkan et al. Firm environment: Factors influencing the labor-intensive textile industry are the necessity to maintain low labor costs in order to retain competitive advantages. The characteristics of these global players was that they are had very competitive labor, lower transportation costs, less raw material cost and lower labor costs Choe et al.

Doing this well requires either tapping external experts or building the capabilities within. Also, a bottom was reached when gross sales of Thai garment exports plunged Hence, the textile and garment industry has shifted their production base to countries with lower production costs.

Business research factors that affect the

It is thought that supporting the staff will affect their commitment to the company, thereby giving their best performance Piriyakul, exceeding expected performance Brown and Duguid, ; Harvey et al.

Furthermore, we have been able to make A, B and C decisions with a higher degree of certainty and clarity. Other factors and linkages between the Thai textile and garment industries contributing to their continued decline and weakness is that factories are inadequate and lack sophisticated machinery, as well as dyeing and printing capacities.

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If you have an intranet portal, be sure market intelligence is accessible. The objective of this research was to study the empirical relationships and influencing factors of firm strategy, firm environment and firm characteristics that influence the performance of the Thai garment industry Fig.

Is the target market manageable enough? This would be a waste of time for your marketing efforts. In addition to conducting research, a number of companies are exploring adding a market research function to their organization.

This could cause you to make marketing decisions that are no better than ones made without any research done at all.

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Thus, it is recommended that entrepreneurs must create brand awareness through R and D, focus on how to optimize their international trade and enhance their networking as well as their global alliances.

Structure of the Thai textile and garment industry was presented in Fig. The research calendar will help you determine staff and budget requirements.

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5 Factors You Should Consider When Doing Market Research