Anti heros

I rock. Shugo Kino from Pretty Cure Heavy Metal is usually this, but ever since episode 45, she'll become a psychotic yet Well-Intentioned Extremist when confronted by dangerous criminals such as Kuroimetaru. I was done hearing them talk, make justifications for their depravity.

The key moment that cemented this was arguably when he did not stop Harpy when she moved to kill the defeated Butterfly. Pay me. Beren from Russian Tolkien fic Beyond the Dawn.

No, really.

Anti heros

They lost everything the first time around, they had dealt with their issues and regrets a long time ago, and now they've lost their daughter.

Joachim Hoch from the Uplifted series, on the one hand is a Waffen SS Officer somewhat disenchanted with the war, charming and kind, sympathetic to the Quarians, and has lines he will not cross.

Check unless you insult his girlfriend. Screw this. Diaries of a Madman has one in Navarone.

anti hero characteristics

Dean, Randy, and eventually Seth are the biggest examples.

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