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Why he, an American, is in the middle of a European war, it seems, he does not even know himself. Hemingway biographer Carlos Baker was one of the first commentators to stress this pattern in A Farewell to Arms. Critic Ray West Jr. You will like the people and though it is cold it is clear and dry.

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Frozen water is kinder to him and to soldiers in general; snow usually prevents fighting, and Henry and Catherine are happiest during their snowy winter in Switzerland. Though it may be better. Udine a commune that is, the smallest administrative district of local government between the Tagliamento and Isonzo Rivers in the Venetia region of northeast Italy. Defeat in that instead of looking for answers elsewhere, the answers should come from within. Here he has friends, girls, and work. Although these pages are set in a plain "rich with crops," rain will serve as a symbol of death in this novel. After swimming a safe distance downstream, Henry boards a train bound for Milan.

At the start of the novel, Frederick drinks and travels from one house of prostitution to another and yet he is discontent because his life is very unsettled. The American hero escapes death by diving into the river and, later, arrest by concealing himself in a gun truck till it reaches Milan.

Underneath we are the same. There were many words that you could not stand to hear and finally only the names of places had dignity. Thus death and dying take center stage in the opening pages of A Farewell to Arms. She is considered very experienced when it comes to love and loss since she has already been confronted with the death of a loved one when her fiance was killed earlier in the war.

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Catherine delivers a stillborn baby boy and, later that night, dies of a hemorrhage. With a girl it is painful.

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A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway